A who’s who — and who says what — of the IRS-Hunter Biden dispute


A who’s who — and who says what — of the IRS-Hunter Biden dispute

Hunter Biden and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) are currently engaged in a dispute over the tax obligations of the former Vice President’s son. Here are key players in the dispute and what they are saying:

Hunter Biden: Biden’s representatives have released a statement acknowledging his tax obligations and asked that the public respect his privacy. Biden’s lawyers have also argued that he is being politically targeted by the IRS.

Joe Biden: The President has stated that he supports his son and believes that the IRS should treat him fairly. Moreover, he has denied any knowledge or involvement in Hunter’s tax issues.

IRS: The agency has not commented publicly on the dispute, though IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig recently confirmed in congressional testimony that the agency is investigating Hunter Biden’s taxes.

Congressional Republicans: A number of Republican lawmakers have called for an investigation into Biden’s taxes. In particular, Senator Chuck Grassley has called for a “full and complete audit” of Biden’s taxes.

Legal experts: Law professor David Cay Johnston has argued that the IRS likely has no legal grounds to target Biden, and that the agency is instead acting to please Trump. Other experts have suggested that the IRS may be attempting to make an example out of Biden in an effort to deter tax avoidance.