Jordan inches closer to speaker’s gavel after weekend pressure campaign


Jordan inches closer to speaker’s gavel after weekend pressure campaign

Jordan, a longtime Republican leader in the House of Representatives, appears to have gained momentum in his bid for House Speaker over the weekend.

Jordan has spent the past several days campaigning for the job, speaking with members of the Republican conference and building support for his candidacy. He has reportedly been working the phones in recent days lobbying his colleagues and seeking their backing, as well as speaking with the outgoing Speaker, Paul Ryan, to ensure a smooth transition.

Reports suggest that he has increased his support enough to potentially become the next Speaker of the House when the new Congress is sworn in on January 3. With his efforts in place, Jordan now appears to be closer than ever to winning the speaker’s gavel.

If successful, he would succeed outgoing Speaker Ryan, who announced his retirement earlier this year. Jordan has been vocal about his plans to “change the culture of Washington” if he becomes speaker, and has described his desire to make Congress more conservative and to focus on fiscal responsibility.

Although Jordan is yet to win the House Speaker position, his efforts over the weekend appear to have been successful in gaining support and momentum. It is now likely just a matter of days before the American people find out if Jordan has been successful in his attempts to become one of the most influential people in Washington.