Gaza hospital blast: Here’s what we know


Gaza hospital blast: Here’s what we know

– On May 13th, 2021, there was an explosion at Al-Wafa Hospital in Gaza City, Gaza Strip.

– The explosion was believed to be an Israeli airstrike, however, Israel has denied involvement in the incident.

– The hospital was being used as a rehabilitation center for those with disabilities, including physical, neurological, and mental health needs.

– Local medical officials have reported that at least two people were killed and nine injured, including children.

– The United Nations and the international community have condemned the attack and called for an independent investigation.

– Hamas, the ruling party in Gaza, has denounced the attack and accused Israel of committing a “crime”.

– This incident has increased tensions between Israel and Gaza, with retaliatory rocket fire from Gaza into Israel.

– It is unclear who is responsible for the attack, and further investigations are underway.