Mag. Caspar Widhalm was appointed professor for canon law in 1637 and held his post until his death in 1658. During this time he also held the office of the rector of university.

Activity at the university

Caspar Widhalm was appointed professor of canon law and canonist on the 26th of May 1637. Besides his frequent lectures and chair of the Faculty of Law he held other offices in the University of Vienna. On the 10th of April 1649 he was chosen rector of university, a post he held throughout 1649/50. In 1650, the Faculty of Law elected him as a dean which he held until his death.


In 1643 Caspar Widhalm married Anna Perger with whom he had two sons and seven daughters. His brother Hieronymous, a distinguished professor of law at the University of Vienna, had two daughters.

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