Charles Peters, Washington Monthly founder, dies at 96


Charles Peters, Washington Monthly founder, dies at 96

Washington Monthly founder Charles Peters died Friday, November 8th at the age of 96.

Peters was the founding editor of the influential Washington Monthly magazine – an innovative “liberally-minded” alternative to the mainstream press. Established in 1969, the magazine routinely offers incisive and honest analysis of the nation’s capital and the power dynamics that shape it.

He was known for his witty and razor-sharp insights into the workings of American government and society. He coined the term “Beltway Bandits,” a term that’s since become a ubiquitous part of the political lexicon. His work was instrumental in challenging stereotypes about the city and its inhabitants.

Throughout his life, Peters was an advocate for government reform and civil rights. He staunchly opposed the Vietnam War and was a vocal supporter of gay marriage and immigrants’ rights.

He is survived by his wife, Margaret, two sons, two daughters, and four grandchildren. His legacy as a true Washington Florence Nightingale will continue to shape the way Washington insiders and civilians alike view the city.