Celo Developer Sets Framework for Layer-2 Decision by January


Celo Developer Sets Framework for Layer-2 Decision by January

The Celo Alliance for Prosperity, a group of developers working on developing the public infrastructure for the Celo platform, has set a goal of making a decision about which Layer-2 protocol to use by January of 2021. The decision comes as Celo is increasingly used throughout the world as an open source layer-2 blockchain platform, utilized to help cryptocurrency-based payments and smart contracts.

Developers are considering various options, including Lightning Network, Raiden Network, and Celer Network. The Lightning Network is the best-known Layer-2 solution, and was launched in 2018. Raiden Network is a permissionless scaling solution for Ethereum blockchain, and Celer Network is a Layer-2 scaling platform for Ethereum and other blockchain networks.

The full report from Celo’s Development Infrastructure Team will be released publically in the coming weeks, and will include the details of their research and analysis. Additionally, the team has held several virtual meetings to discuss each possible solution, which has resulted in a strong consensus and unified vision of the best plan for the future of Celo’s Layer-2 protocol.

The team strongly believes that the release of the report and the decision of Celo’s Layer-2 protocol will help move the platform forward in its mission to be the world’s leading distributed economic system. The solutions offered should also ensure that the platform is resilient, secure, and user-friendly.