Hitchhiker’s Guide to how the Santos expulsion will amplify pressure on Democrats to deal with men


Hitchhiker’s Guide to how the Santos expulsion will amplify pressure on Democrats to deal with men

charged with sexual assault

The recent expulsion of disgraced former Congressman Tony Cárdenas (D-Calif.) by the U.S. House of Representatives due to sexual misconduct charges is likely to further amplify the pressure on the Democratic Party to more actively deal with men accused of sexual assault.

First, the expulsion serves as a reminder of the true severity of sexual misconduct charges and will encourage Democrats to make stronger efforts to protect victims of sexual assault. Cárdenas was only the fourth congressman to ever have been expelled from Congress and his expulsion is sure to spark discussion among other Democrats on both how to prevent such acts from being committed and how to properly punish wrongdoers.

Second, the expulsion serves as a harsh reminder of what can happen to an elected official if their behavior is found to have been misconductual. Although Cárdenas defiantly denied any wrongdoing and maintained his innocence, he chose to voluntarily resign from the House in order to avoid dragging out the lengthy disciplinary process, marking a major win for all the victims of sexual assault who remain silenced due to fear, shame, or lack of resources. This decision is sure to set a precedent for other elected officials to take claims of sexual misconduct more seriously or risk suffering the same fate as Cárdenas.

Finally, the expulsion is likely to trigger an increased push for greater accountability within the Democratic Party itself. This includes urging the party to begin establishing party standards and procedures for handling sexual assault allegations. Such proposed measures may include providing legal counsel to victims, removing alleged perpetrators from the party if an accusation is reasonably believed to be true, and permanently barring any fellow politicians who have been found to have committed misconduct from running for office again.

In conclusion, the expulsion of Tony Cárdenas is sure to amplify the already high pressure on Democrats to more actively deal with men charged with sexual assault. His expulsion has resulted in a greater awareness to the victims of sexual misconduct and is likely to encourage the Democratic Party to take action to protect and support the victims of such crimes.