Poorer areas see the bulk of clean energy funds from Biden’s landmark climate law


Poorer areas see the bulk of clean energy funds from Biden’s landmark climate law

President Biden’s American Jobs Plan includes hundreds of billions of dollars to invest in clean energy infrastructure. According to an analysis by Politico, much of this funding would go to disadvantaged communities, which have historically borne the brunt of pollution from fossil fuel operations and benefited least from clean energy investments.

The plan recommends targeting 40% of clean energy spending to disadvantaged communities, which would include investing in energy efficiency projects like retrofitting homes and businesses, building out renewable energy sources like wind and solar power, and modernizing the electric grid.

If passed, the proposal would include $45 billion for low-income and rural residential energy efficiency and weatherizing homes to increase their energy savings. There would also be a $17 billion investment in clean energy-ready infrastructure for electric vehicles and transit facilities, $3 billion for energy storage projects, $11 billion to modernize the grid and expand access to clean energy sources, and $14 billion to help transition workers in the fossil fuel industry, among other clean energy initiatives.

This legislation is seen as a major step towards combating climate change and benefiting vulnerable communities. It is part of a larger effort by the Biden administration to expand access to clean energy sources and create jobs in green industries.