Worldcoin Foundation Launches $5 Million Community Grants Program’ Wave0′


Worldcoin Foundation Launches $5 Million Community Grants Program’ Wave0′

The Worldcoin Foundation has launched a new Community Grants Program, dubbed ‘Wave 0’, with a total of $5 million USD to fund projects related to Worldcoin and the digital currency industry. The program is aimed at increasing the level of adoption and developing tools and platforms to support the growth of Worldcoin.

The grant program is the first of its kind in the industry and represents a major step in the Foundation’s effort to support the development and growth of the Worldcoin currency. Projects funded through Wave 0 can range from consumer applications, to tools and services that make using Worldcoin simpler and more secure.

Eligible projects and applications must have some meaningful potential for helping to better expand the reach of Worldcoin, and the Foundation staff will use an extensive and thorough review process when considering applications. The Foundation will also provide technical support and collaboration to the grant recipients.

The grant program pairs well with the Foundation’s continued commitment to improving the development of open source tools and frameworks, as well as to advocating for the adoption of Worldcoin by merchants and providing support for the project from the business and technical communities.

The Foundation’s objective is to bring Worldcoin to the next level and to make it easier for everyday users, merchants, and developers to make use of the digital currency. With this program, the Foundation hopes to create a vibrant ecology of services and apps that will make Worldcoin easier to use while inspiring greater trust and adoption of the currency.