Harvard graduate Stefanik becomes face of GOP charge against elite universities


Harvard graduate Stefanik becomes face of GOP charge against elite universities

U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik is becoming a face of the Republican party’s push to counter the idea that elite universities are liberal hot spots.

The Harvard-educated lawmaker from upstate New York is helping lead the fight against accusations that higher education has become too politically correct and is indoctrinating students with leftist ideas.

She is a leading sponsor of the House Republican bill that would slash federal funds for college campuses engaging in “politically correct” speech, as well as her own sweeping higher ed reform package released last month.

Stefanik’s proposals focus on reducing student debt, increasing accountability for university administrators and faculty, and providing stronger support for historically black colleges and universities.

She has also blasted what she calls the “radical ideology” of college campuses, suggesting that students are overwhelmed by liberal professors and administrators.

Critics fear that her proposals will only entrench conservative ideals, while supporters argue they are necessary for ensuring freer and fairer debate on college campuses.

Though Stefanik’s plans may not be universally popular, her role as a prominent Republican pushing back against perceptions of academic bias is significant.

Her new face of the GOP is likely to ruffle some feathers — and could further divide the country — but it is also highlighting the importance of free speech and diverse opinions at universities.