PM of Singapore Alerts Residents to Deepfake Crypto Scam Using His Image


PM of Singapore Alerts Residents to Deepfake Crypto Scam Using His Image

The Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong, has issued a statement warning residents of a deepfake scam circulating online. In the scam, criminals have been using a digitally altered image of the Prime Minister to promote a fraudulent cryptocurrency investment opportunity.

The Prime Minister’s statement appears on the government’s official website and outlines the details of the scam and warns that any Singaporean who falls victim to this scam will be liable for losses they may incur as a result. The statement adds that there are no legitimate investment opportunities endorsed by or associated with the Prime Minister or his office.

The statement goes on to encourage Singaporeans to be wary of investment opportunities offered by individuals they do not know. It also reminds them to always exercise due diligence when considering investments and to considered consultation with financial professionals.

The Prime Minister’s warning is part of a larger effort by the Singaporean government to protect citizens from falling victim to Digital Age scams and frauds. In the past, the government has introduced strict regulations on cryptocurrency trading and investing within Singapore and has also made significant strides in educating its citizens on the importance of internet security.