Trump to skip GOP debate in Iowa, hold competing town hall


Trump to skip GOP debate in Iowa, hold competing town hall

President Donald Trump’s campaign has announced that he will not participate in an upcoming Republican presidential debate in Iowa and will instead hold a competing town hall event.

The decision comes just days before the final Republican debate before the Iowa caucuses, scheduled for January 28th. The announcement is a blow to Fox News, which, along with the Republican National Committee, will be hosting the debate. Trump had long voiced his displeasure with the network, accusing it of unfairly targeting him.

The president will reportedly host a town hall event in Iowa at the same time as the debate, hoping to draw viewers away from the debate. Following the decision, RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel released a statement expressing disappointment at the development.

The Republican Party is still trying to decide how to handle the upcoming election season. Many argue that the continued presence of Trump in the debates is necessary to ensure parity between candidates and create a fair playing field. Fox News also expressed its disappointment at Trump’s decision, as they are desperate for ratings for the upcoming debate.

Only time will tell how this development will affect the Republican Party and Trump’s re-election campaign.