Predicting Bull Runs, Filing for ETFs, Collecting Txn Info and 20 Crypto Jokes

Predicting Bull Runs, Filing for ETFs, Collecting Txn Info and 20 Crypto Jokes

1. What bull run?

A bull run is a period of time when the price of a financial asset (such as shares, cryptocurrency or other investments) increases rapidly. It is often preceded by extended periods of low market activity.

2. What does filing for an ETF mean?

An ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) is a security that tracks an index, commodity, asset or collection of assets. To file for an ETF means that a financial institution is applying to a regulatory body to obtain approval to create and offer this type of security for public trading.

3. How do I collect transaction information?

Transaction information can be collected by accessing the ledger or blockchains of the relevant digital assets. Tools such as block explorers can help with this process by providing a user-friendly interface which displays the data in an easy-to-read format. It is also possible to access transaction data through API calls and by obtaining direct reports from the exchanges.

4. What are 20 crypto jokes?

Here are 20 crypto jokes:

1. Why don’t whales invest in Bitcoin? Because they don’t like to get caught in the tide!

2. What did the blockchain say when it tried to reach the moon? Let’s soar to the moon and back!

3. What do investors get when they invest in Bitcoin? A coin of two cities!

4. What did the miner say when he discovered a large block of cryptocurrency? Eureka!

5. What did the Bitcoin miner say when he found a block with a lot of transactions? I’m a coin solo miner!

6. Why did the Bitcoin miner never get a raise? He didn’t have any actual hash power!

7. Why don’t ICOs like the moon? Because ICOs have no gravity!

8. Why don’t miners like hashing? Because they think it is hard work!

9. Why didn’t the cryptographer trust the blockchain security? He thought it was too irreversibly encrypted!

10. What did Satoshi Nakamoto call his creation? A blockchain miracle!

11. What did the Bitcoin holder say when they saw their wealth triple overnight? Holy hash rate!

12. Why did the ICO fail? Their whitepaper was too fanciful!

13. How did the miner find out where to invest? By checking the exchange rates!

14. Why don’t miners talk to each other? Because they all have their own private keys!

15. What did the crypto trader say when she had a good day? hodl on tight!

16. What did the cryptographer tell the miner? To keep his private key to himself!

17. What did the Ethereum investor say when the value of their currency increased? Now I’m rolling in Ether!

18. How did the Bitcoin miner get rich? He mined it till he made it!

19. Why did Satoshi look so tired? He’d been mining all night!

20. What did Satoshi say when he made his first million? I’ve made my Satoshi!