Zelensky blitzes Washington in urgent effort to bolster support


Zelensky blitzes Washington in urgent effort to bolster support

for Ukraine

President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine will travel to Washington this week on a mission to shore up support from the United States amid increasing aggression from Russia.

Zelensky’s visit, which was announced Tuesday, comes as tensions between Ukraine and Russia have spiked due to a maritime confrontation between the two countries last November. The Kremlin has increased its military presence near Ukraine’s borders in recent weeks, stoking fears of a full-scale invasion.

During his visit, Zelensky is expected to meet President Joe Biden and other U.S. officials, in an effort to secure economic and military assistance from the U.S. in Ukraine’s ongoing fight against Russian aggression.

Ukraine has long sought increased support from the U.S., and Biden’s election victory was seen as a potential boon to Ukraine’s efforts to counter Russia’s influence. The U.S. and NATO have both reaffirmed their support for Ukraine since Biden took office in January, with the U.S. providing nonlethal military aid to Ukraine in early February.

Zelensky’s visit to Washington is a critical step in bolstering the U.S.-Ukraine relationship at a time of heightened tension. His trip underscores the need for both countries to cooperate to protect Ukraine’s sovereignty and deter Russian aggression in the region.