Matt Gaetz files motion to oust Kevin McCarthy as House speaker


Matt Gaetz files motion to oust Kevin McCarthy as House speaker

On March 8, 2021, Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz filed a motion to oust House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and hold a vote in the Republican House conference for a new Speaker of the House. The motion alleges that McCarthy has “failed to lead our conference in a manner thatreflects our Republican values and principles.”

The motion states that it is “the primary responsibility of leadership to articulate a clear vision for our party, the ability to communicate our message effectively, and the courage to make decisions that keep faith with the values we espouse.” As such, the petition seeks to remove McCarthy as leader and select a new leader.

Gaetz argued that McCarthy “has proven incapable or unwilling to stand up to the Democrats’ radical and dangerous socialist agenda, unwilling to consult and communicate with an informed Republican base, and unable to articulate a clear and consistent GOP message that allows Republican candidates to win in general elections.”

McCarthy’s office responded to the petition by saying that he is “focused on beating Nancy Pelosi,’s liberal agenda and in delivering on our promise of results for the American people.” The response went on to say that McCarthy continues to “enjoy the full support of the Republican Conference in this fight.”